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$30.000 Age of Empires 2: Nations Cup

$30.000 Age of Empires 2: Nations Cup

** Update ** China A has won the final match 2-1. Congratulations!  The SY (China) Nations Cup is one of the most successful Tournaments ever hosted on Age of Empires 2: The Conquerors, featuring a prize pool of $30 000 USD. About 55 Nations signed up for this event with a total of over 300 players. This competition, organized by […]

Blizzard working in another expansion for World of Warcraft
PES producers say that FIFA is like table tennis
Tablet games market will generate billions until 2019

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  • New Steam feature allows multi downloads
    New Steam feature allows multi downloads

    Valve introduced on Steam a new feature that allows users to download various games more quickly and affordably. The news is part of a recent update of the platform and makes it possible, through the multiple selection of games from a list, instant download of the desired items. So it’s over ...

  • 48% of the gamers in the US are women
    48% of the gamers in the US are women

    A survey published by the Entertainment Software Association (ESA) revealed that women are almost as participatory in the electronic games industry in the United States as men. In the world’s largest gaming market, the female audience represents 48% of all people who play in the country. The ...

  • Gran Turismo on PlayStation 4
    Gran Turismo on PlayStation 4

    In an interview in which he talked about the 20 years of the Japanese launch of the first PlayStation, Kazunori Yamauchi (who debuted with Motor Toon Gran Prix), spoke about the future of Gran Turismo and the PlayStation 4. Firstly Yamauchi said that Gran Turismo on the PlayStation 4 will be a ...

  • Sony Morpheus project for virtual reality
    Sony Morpheus project for virtual reality

    In the words of Shuhei Yoshida, president of Sony Worldwide Studios, the virtual reality technology such as that used in Project Morpheus is a step ahead in such form in comparison to the traditional games that is almost unfair. During the interview Yoshida said that Sony has not only a fleeting ...

  • Amazon buys Twitch for $970 millions
    Amazon buys Twitch for $970 millions

    The games streaming service confirmed the millionaire deal that will be completed later this year. Twitch officially confirmed the deal with Amazon that involves buying the service stream by “closely 970 million [dollars] in cash.” The company’s shares will thus become the ...

  • Microsoft working on the cloud games
    Microsoft working on the cloud games

    The beginning of this generation of games was marked, on the side of Microsoft, by the statement “power of the cloud.” Gaming based on connectivity and streaming should mark the next big step in the gaming world, but ran into a major obstacle: the latency. But the research team of the ...

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WSVG Partnerships and Sponsorships

WSVG Partnerships and Sponsorships

Are you a league or tournament organizer for Electronic Sports? We’re open to work in partnership and to sponsor any Organization which fill our pre-requirements such as Professionalism, solid background, and that promotes national or international initiatives, or that wish to do so. However, The World Series of Video Games cannot and will not sponsor […]

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